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Our package of Premium Features will take your store to the next level with 4 powerful marketing apps.

Get all 4 apps for just $16 per month - for most stores a single extra sale each month makes it worth the investment.

Try FREE for the first month, cancel any time.

Live Product Filter

Help your customers find what they want - fast! Filter by brand, color, price - anything you like - without waiting for a new page to load.

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Contact Form

A fully integrated contact form builds customer confidence and gets people talking to you. It looks much more professional too!

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Pop-up Box

Ensure nobody misses your message - tell people about your new products or your big sale. Include a Newsletter sign-up form or an action button.

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Latest Posts on Home page

Automatically displays your latest blog posts on the Home page, to keep your customers up-to-date and improve your SEO.

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How it Works

Get Started

  1. Install Theme. Step one is installing the Marketeer theme on your store. If you haven't already done that, you can click here.
  2. Start Free Trial. Click the Subscribe button and you'll be taken to the PayPal website. Fill in your details to set up your subscription payment of $16 per month. You won't be charged anything for the first month. After that, PayPal will automatically start taking your monthly fee (and notify you by email each time). Cancel at any time.
  3. My store's web address:
    Send Contact Form messages to this email:
  4. Installation. NB. The Premium Features will not work instantly. We have to configure your store's own version of the apps. We aim to get this done within 48 hours (usually sooner!), and when we're finished we'll send your unique App Passkey by email.
  5. Enter Your App Passkey. Once you've received your App Passkey from us, copy it into the box in your store's Theme Designer. You can now start using the Marketeer Premium Features.

Pop-up Box

The Pop-up Box appears when a customer first views your Home page, allowing you to reach out directly to everyone who visits.

A popular option is to use it to encourage Newsletter sign-ups - we've built the sign-up form right into the box. Alternatively, tell visitors about your big sale or your latest product arrivals. In this case you can add a Call-to-Action Button to link to the relevant page.

  1. In the Dashboard go to Appearance > Template Editor and click on Launch the Theme Designer.
  2. Make sure you've entered your App Passkey.
  3. Click Enable Pop-Up Box.
  4. Add a title and text to go in the box.
  5. Choose to include a Newsletter Sign-up form, a Button, or nothing. IMPORTANT: To make the sign-up form work, you also need to set up Email Marketing in the Marketing settings.
  6. If you chose a Button, enter the text you want on it (Shop Now!, View Products!, etc) and paste in the page link address.
  7. Add 1 to the Version Number to make sure everyone sees your Pop-up.
  8. Click Save Settings at the top right of the page.

Version Number. Having lots of pop-ups can get annoying for a customer, so your Pop-up box will only ever appear once on any particular computer or device (including your own!). After that the computer will remember that it has already shown the box and keep it hidden.

Of course, if you change the content of your Pop-up, perhaps to announce a sale, then you'll want everyone to see it - not just first-timers. In this case you just need to add 1 to the Version Number. Computers will then recognize that this is a new Pop-up and show it.

Contact Form

A professional, integrated contact form signals to your customers that you want to hear from them and you're ready to talk. This is crucial because personal contact is a huge step towards making a sale. Even just knowing that you take customer service seriously helps give your buyers confidence.

  1. In the Dashboard go to Appearance > Template Editor and click on Launch the Theme Designer.
  2. Make sure you've entered your App Passkey.
  3. Click Enable Contact Form.
  4. Adjust the text that goes above the form.
  5. Click Save Settings at the top right of the page.
  6. Go to your Contact page and send a test email to check everything is working OK.

Your messages will be delivered to the email address you gave when you subscribed. If you'd like to change to a different address that's no problem - just get in touch and give us the details.

Latest Posts on Home Page

Having your blog posts highlighted on your Home page serves 2 purposes. Firstly, of course, it allows visitors to see your latest news without needing to navigate to the Blog page first, and they can click through to read more if they want.

The second reason is SEO - Google loves websites that keep things fresh by changing their content regularly, and ranks them higher than if nothing has changed for months. Of course there are lots of other factors that affect your search rankings, but writing lots of interesting posts and showing them on the front page of your site is a great place to start.

  1. Write some blog posts! (Look under Marketing in your dashboard to get started.)
  2. In the Dashboard go to Appearance > Template Editor and click on Launch the Theme Designer.
  3. Make sure you've entered your App Passkey.
  4. Click

    Show Latest Posts on Home page

  5. Change the Header Text if you want.
  6. Click Save Settings at the top right of the page.

Product Filter

The Product Filter is great for helping buyers cut down a large list of products into a manageable selection, and so boosting your sales. Build filter groups such as Brand, Color and Price.

  1. Choose or create the Categories that you want to appear in the filter and add Products just like normal in the dashboard (eg. specific brands, colors, etc). You can stop these categories from appearing in the main menu if you wish (see Step 9). The Price Filter works automatically - you don't need categories for that.
  2. In the Dashboard go to Appearance > Template Editor and click on Launch the Theme Designer.
  3. Make sure you've entered your App Passkey.
  4. Click

    Enable Product Filter.

  5. Copy your Default Sort Order setting

    Your default order is chosen in Settings > General Settings > Product Settings > Availibility & Sorting. Please match that setting.
  6. Click Add First Filter Group.
  7. Enter a Title for the Filter Group (Brand, Size, etc).
  8. One by one, add the Categories that you want to include in the Filter Group. For each Category you need to enter the URL Handle and the Display Text. The URL Handle is the version of the category name that is used in the web page address. You can find it on the Category Edit page - Catalog > Categories > Edit Category. Make sure you copy it exactly!
  9. If you want, click the box to hide this Category from appearing in the main menu. For example, you might want Brands showing in the main navigation but not colors. Only level 1 categories can be hidden.
  10. Add more Filter Groups as required (up to 3).
  11. Filter by Color works just like the normal groups, by creating and adding Categories. Each Category should be a specific color (red, blue, etc). For each category you can choose a color to appear on the button in the Filter Menu. The Color Picker lets you select the exact shade you want.
  12. The Product Price Filter works automatically. You just need to switch it on (right at the bottom!).

IMPORTANT: The Filter App works by remembering which products are in which categories. This information is updated every 12 hours (approx.), meaning that when you add a product to a category, it takes up to 12 hours before that change will show up in the Product Filter.

The Filter App hides any Filter Groups that it thinks are completely empty of products.

Get Help!

If you have any questions, issues or requests, please get in touch at or by using the contact form.

We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

How to Cancel

You can cancel at any time, simply by stopping your PayPal subscription.

IMPORTANT: If you close your Highwire store it is your responsibility to stop your PayPal subscription. We have no way of knowing if you have stopped trading or cancelled your Highwire account, and we cannot offer refunds if you fail to cancel your payment.

Click here, and follow the on-screen instructions:

Alternatively, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click the 'Settings' icon at the top of the page.
  3. Under 'Payment settings', click Pre-approved Payments.
  4. Use the filter to select the seller whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.
  5. Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.